Sunday, October 6, 2013

Yoo Hongsang/task3.2/Tue 11 a.m.

On the day of the test



This morning, I had a an aptitude test for a company. I lacked sleep and felt tired because I slept only for 3 hours the day before. As the time to start got close, the two monitoring staff came. They would probably be the employees of the company I am now taking the test for, I thought. One of them was a woman who seemed in her thirties and looked ugly. The other was a man wearing a black suit. Surprisingly, he had his hair dyed with brown color. I couldn't believe it because in Korea we expect most of the male employees have black hairs. He was handsome and tall anyway. And he was wearing a gorgeous suit fit for him and had a nice hairstyle. He did not say a word.



Before the test began, the ugly woman seemed embarrassed because she had to run the recorded voice manual but it did not work properly. She told us. 'I am terribly sorry, every one. It is not working at the moment.' However, another monitoring staff came in soon, and the new staff solved the problem so easily. The ugly woman said 'Oh, it really did not work minutes ago.' Man was quiet without saying a word.



During even the test, she ceaselessly kept talking. For example, 'Everyone, please keep quiet.', 'Everyone, there is not much time left, so please hurry up.', which were not that necessary to be told because no one was noisy and we all knew we had to hurry up. I wanted to say to her, ''shup up yourself.'' Man was quiet without saying a word.



There was a break after the third test was over. For the first time, the man spoke to the woman. 'Excuse me, but what 's your name?' This was his last word until the test was over completely. Even during the final test, the ugly woman kept talking. The most funny thing was 'Please double check your 이름(name), 성함(name), 수험번호(registration number).' I thought that today was her last day to speak. Every time she talked pretending to give notice to test takers, I could not concentrate on the test.



Finally, the test was over. I screwed up. The ugly woman had many chances to talk. The handsome man left only a sentence.

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