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Jeong Hae Joong/201003224/2nd draft of character sketch

201003224 Jeong Hae Joong

Title: "Man in Black"


"Man in black", these words are the most appropriate words to describe what he looks like. He is in black in most of seven days a week, even including most Sundays. I'm not making up a story. That is true.


     When I get a question like "What does he look like?", my first answer might be this. He was taller than me and chubby man in black. Furthermore, with his Short hair and glasses, he sometimes was like a bear in black wearing the glasses. He is also really a big fan of suits. Actually, he has so many suits with diverse colors: grey, black, many kinds of black, and even pink. I think neckties should be mentioned. I think he has enough so colorful neckties to make a rainbow. Red, yellow, blue. When I counted how many neckties he has, he has more than 20 neckties, at least.


      He is the one I respected the most. Since his early 20s, as far as I know, he worked at one of the largest insurance companies in Korea. But, here is the point. Early 20s! Most of undergraduates are going to school to study in their own ages, not earning a living. However, he was different. I think maybe more than just different. He went to the company in the daytime and studied at college in the evening. At that time, he was one of the most super busiest men I could imagine in the whole world. He managed both of working and studying. That got me thinking. I tried to work hard by thinking about how much diligent he was when I just got lazy.


Here is what got me to know what made him work so hard like he's been doing. After I had dinner with his family for celebration of his son's birthday in 2010, I went to bed at the room which was full of books related to insurance. I just picked some books and read to know what they were about. I picked a book and turned a couple of pages. And then there was a sentence written, in pencil, saying "Because I just was born with no super brilliant talent or any genius, I need to work so much harder than anyone else to be a big success." He wrote the sentence when he was a student to encourage himself. I thought that it was a kind of grit.    


Once, when I was going my grandma's home from Hong Seong which is my hometown on Sunday about a month ago, I suddenly wanted to eat out. So I called my uncle. I expected that he was surely at home because that day was Sunday. The answer from him, however, struck my head. He was at work! He was working at his office in Suyu. At first, I said that "You've got to be kidding me. Come on. Are you really at the office?" But, he was really at work. While on my way home, I changed and went to Suyu to meet him.



"you must be a lucky duck to have him as your uncle. He is also so good at work and humorous. How fun he is!" I heard that several times from some of his co-workers when I sometimes visited him in the company for lunch. I didn't disagree with them. He is actually really fun. One of them even said that "He is like a class clown here."


My family is so close-knit that I so often met my uncle and aunt since I was so young. My uncle is just 14-year older than me, which means that when he was a freshman in middle school, I was born. In addition, I'm his first nephew. So he really did anything for me. For example, when I was in elementary school, I said that I wanted to have a bike. He then bought me it the next day.


I consider him as an example that I want to follow. What a hard-working, fun and warm-heart man he is. I think he is someone showing how to live my life. I also have to admit that I'm a really lucky person! 

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