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Jeong Hae Joong/201003224/Bio info/tuesday 11am

201003224 Jeong Hae Joong


 1. My choice is Khaled Hosseini who is my favourite novelist.

 2&3. I typed the name on and


A.  According to Wikipedia, he was born on March 4, in Kabul, Afghanistan.

B.  Till now, he wrote three books. The first one is "The Kite Runner" which is one of my favourite books I've ever read. (Personally, I recommend you to read the book. you'll never regret.)The book was also sold more than seven million books in the states. I became a big fan of him so I read the second book " A Thousand splendid suns." The second one was also compelling, personally.

C. What struck me was that he was a doctor. Furthermore, before I googled him, I thought that he's just "pure-American." But he immigrated to the states after a war broke out in Afghanistan. At that time, he was 11 years old.

D. creativity-his book,

 His love and kind of generosity? - he's working at the UN Refugee Agency.

His resilience – even though he went to another country, he made it. I know his father was a diplomat but that didn't mean Mr.Hosseini was going to be a  big success.( In addition, his father didn't go well in the states because he got frustrated since in Afghanistan, he was in a high social position but in the states, he was not. )

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