Sunday, October 20, 2013


<The Memorable Attic>

   “Have you ever seen ‘The Diary of a Young Girl Anne Frank’?” I read the book when I attended kindergarten at 5. The most impressive thing of that book was the attic which had been behind the study room of Anne Frank. At that time, I felt envy of her undisclosed location and I really wanted to get that place. One day, I got a chance to realize the dream. When my age was 6, moving into new apartment, I had the secret place like Anne Frank.

As soon as my family moved into that apartment, the next house suggested that we make garrets together. Seeing from above my apartment, the place had wedge-shaped so there were enough room to make attics. Therefore, we made the attics. Because the place was linked to my bedroom, my parents allowed me to use the place as I pleased. I thought that the place would be my best own place.

However, it did not take a long time to be disenchanted about my dream related to the attic. The size was 22m2 and the area was long and very narrow. Whenever I entered the place, the paint odor was awful. The inside of the house smelled strongly of odor of new house. The place did not have any window and also, there was no ventilation. Raining, a disgusting smell was coming like the sewer. Moreover, in the immediately middle of the cell there was only one incandescent lamp and it made more gloomy atmosphere. The right below of the lamp, there was one old desk and chair. So the place looked like an interrogation room. Despite this bad situation, I really expected the place to become my own lovely place.

But my parents used that place as another purpose without considering my opinion. When I made quite minor offences, my parents forced me to enter the attic and sit in the chair until I realized my faults. But sitting in the chair, the darkness and the unpleasant smell were not matter to me. When I was in the attic, I felt calm because of voices outside. Pricking up my ears to outer voice, I could hear conversation in family members. The laughter which was filling my home made me to unbend myself. I could not figure out what the content of conversation was exactly, I always fell sleeping in the attic hearing the sweet sound of my family.

         After 4 years, we took possession of my new apartment. As soon as we moved into new apartment, my elder brother went abroad for studying. Furthermore, my father traveled overseas a lot on business because of his extension of business. So
my family members spent less time together unlike the time when we lived in the former apartment. The sound of laughter with chatter between my family members became the past memory. Therefore, I really miss the attic which reminds me of the
memories of my family.


  1. 1. reading, i got a clue of why the attic matters to the writer and the details of the attic. the details helped to understand why at first she hated it.
    3. smelling,... unpleasant smell in the attic. and very visual. the location of it. and the whole atmosphere of it. like an interrogation room.
    4. at first quite unlikable. but after reading the writing, it kind of changed. the experience changed the feeling toward the place. unpleasant one into the missing place.
    5. she quite miss the past and the attic is a mirror to show her the past.
    6. what did you do in the attic? i'd like to know.

  2. From Kang Dabida

    1. What did you like best about this essay? Be specific as possible.
    The part that you said your parent used the attic for other purpose- the punishment for your little faults, it made me smile.

    2. Did the writer describe the place clearly? List any parts that were not clear to you.
    In my thinking, if I were to enter the attic forcibly by my parents, I’d be very angry and mad at them. And the laughter would have made be jealous and angrier (like, oh they’re happy without me!) Yet you said that you felt calm in there, you must be very positive person. haha

    3. Did the writer appeal to the different senses? List two sensory details that you especially liked.
    Hearing- The laughter which was filling my home made me to unbend myself.
    Sight- The right below of the lamp, there was one old desk and chair. So the place looked like an interrogation room.

    4. How would you describe the mood or the atmosphere of this place?
    Gloomy, dark, maybe damp, smelly

    5. Why do you think the writer chose to write about this place?
    The attic she had been dreaming of turned out to be not good.

    6. How could the writer improve this essay when he or she revises? Make only one suggestion
    Maybe more episodes related to the attic?