Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jieun Choi/Observation/Tue 11am

            Subway is where is full of people every time. And I ride subway two hours per day. So, I decided to observe people in a subway. I could generally divide people into two groups: people who are using their smartphones and people who were sleeping.

            First person I observed was a young man. He seemed like a university student. He had neat black short hair. Also, he was wearing a black suit with blue tie. He was wearing a leather backpack. It seemed like he was the one who's looking for his job. The thing about him was, he was consistently looking at his smartphone. Sometimes he was typing something. If he was not, he was continuously scrolling the screen up and down. Since he rode on the train, he was using his smartphone until he gets off.

            Then I observed another young woman. She also was a university student. She had long, banged, light brown hair. She was wearing a small-flower-printed skirt and sweater with ivory color. At first, she seemed very tired. She was sitting with her eyes closed. Soon, she fell asleep. And then, she started to head-banging. At first, her head was falling toward the front. Her head went back and forth for few minutes. Then suddenly, she woke up for a short moment but fall asleep again. This time, her head fell to right and bumped into other person's shoulder. When the train got to HUFS, she woke up like there was a alarm and got off the train with me. 

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