Saturday, October 12, 2013

Huyoung Lee/Character sketch 2nd draft/Tuesday 11 a.m.

Being lucky with you

201102861 Huyoung Lee

What would you be like if you have no one to rely on and share your feelings? You would probably feel so overburdened with the heap of worries and stresses. I think I'm quite lucky in that regard.

             It was my second year in high school that I first met her. We were in same class and she was neither very outstanding nor solitary. With semi-long black hair and neat school uniform, she was just a normal student like me. Although we were in same class for two years in a row, we were not very close until we had a seat back and forth. Frequently talking together every day, we realized that we were so compatible with each other. Since then, she's been my best friend, assistant and advisor.

             Although she's not perfect – no one can be perfect – she is fairly good. She is pretty and slim. Her beautiful big black eyes shine with gracefulness and wisdom. Cute little nose and graceful lips are well harmonized with them in her circular face and make up a soft, mild atmosphere. Dark brown hair gently touches her shoulder and her own unique fashion style characterizes her. She has a great fashion sense and thanks to her slender body, every clothes she chooses looks great on her. My mother said, "Her fashion sense is amazing! I wish she would give some advice on me." And she's very popular. Her gentle, kind and well-listening nature attracts people. She carefully listen to others keeping eye contact with them and slightly nodding. And she never forgets to give them comments or advices which make people think they're having a fair communication. She never shows off or makes rude comments on them. She's very good at conversations and communicating.

             What I admire most about her is her passion and activeness. She has challenged a lot of things through her 23-year life. She worked as part-time in various places: schools, private educational institutes, restaurant, coffee shop, broadcasting station. She also experienced many things from her extracurricular activities: she attended a car model contest and won 2nd place, worked as an interpreter for Indians and Greeks, announced for an online broadcasting and some events. She sometime says, "It's so hard to do many things at once. I often wonder that why did I start this and that without deep thinking." However, I've never seen her giving up in the middle of the situation. She always did her best and enjoyed everything.

Despite all the advantages of her, she's not very proud of herself. "There's nothing I'm really good at. I'm just halfway about everything." However, in my opinion, she has a great potential. I still vividly remember the day I saw her potential. We were sitting on the bench and feeling the spring wind. Suddenly she took a small mp3 player from her bag and said, "I recorded it yesterday and I would like you to listen and see if it's okay." I put on earphones and heard news coming out. "Why did you record news? Is there anything special?" Suddenly, she seemed to be embarrassed and shortly, she smiled. "No, it's not. I read the news. That's my voice." "…!" I was so surprised that I didn't know what to say for a second. From that day, I've been sure she will succeed in her career one day.

She's still having busy days. She is preparing for three tests and writing resumes and a graduation thesis, as well as doing all the class assignments and working part-time. I can't even imagine what it is like but that's her nature – she can't just sit down doing nothing for a long time. She once said, "I got nervous when I'm doing nothing. It's comfortable to stay in the bed or watch TV but I feel more alive when I'm doing something, whatever it is." Whatever she does, I will always be with her and encourage her, just like she has been to me. 

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