Monday, October 21, 2013

Chae Ji-Young/Chapter 4 (Place)/ Tue 11 a.m.

My dream place 

             What I really wanted to do in Paris was getting on a boat along the River Seine. It was like my dream place. Everytime I saw the view of Seine in the movies of TV, my heart was throbbing. I'd always wanted to be in that place so badly.

            Last summer, I got the chance of being in my dream place, the Seine. The moment I finally got on the boat, I knew that it would be never forgotten. I cannot forget the feeling on the boat even not. Bateaux Mouches, which is an open excursion boat, was full of tourists and I was one of them. Everything looked so beautiful. The waters of the River Seine were so gentle and gleaming. All the trees, exotic buildings and even my sister sitting next to me was dazzling in the strong sun. All the view of the city from along the river was spread before my eyes. I was sitting back in my chair on the open upper deck, relaxed, looking at all those breathtaking scene of Paris. Gentle wind whistled through my hair. I closed my eyes in the hope of feeling the wind itself. The sun warmed my face and my arms. I felt like I was hugged. 

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