Monday, October 21, 2013

Jieun Choi/meaningful place/Tue 11am

The Auditorium


                  I will never forget my first two years as a university student. When I was a freshman, I joined the theater club where I had gone through one musical and three plays. Every performance meant special to me, but the musical was the most memorable experience in my whole university life. It's because I actually got a chance to stand on the stage as a chorus in musical. At the same time, the school auditorium where I played musical became the most memorable place for me.

                  When I entered the auditorium, it was full of freezing air, which made me nervous. It was very weird feeling because I actually was familiar with the auditorium. In the semester before, I stayed for three days there as sound staff of the last performance. However, facing auditorium as a performer was a whole different story. The auditorium was full of 200 red seats, and it was way too big place for a girl who will be standing on the stage for the first time in her life. It was obvious that 200 people won't be coming to see our musical, but still, imagining people sitting there terrified me. I felt like those red seats were glaring at me. However, on the other side of my mind, I couldn't wait to stand under the lightings. It was my dream to stand under all those lightings and spotlights someday. So, nervousness and eagerness toward the stage coexisted in my mind.

                  Finally, the day had arrived. In the afternoon, we rehearsed on the stage like the actual performance. When I stood on the stage for run-through, I finally realized how big the stage was. It was big enough for twenty people to perform on it. Before that time, it never seemed so big and broad since I only had chances to see it under the stage. However, it was pretty large that all the casts had to actually run around the stage.

                  After the rehearsal, we had to be cramped in the waiting room until the show begins. It was very small room that nobody could sit, but it was the most relaxing place for us ever in school. We couldn't stay still because we were freaked out by nervousness and burden that we cannot screw up the performance. However, we couldn't withstand those complex feelings, so we started to look at the wall. The wall was full of the graffiti written by numerous clubs performed there, and there were those of our seniors. Even, there was hilarious portrait of our senior who was close to us. Looking that, we could laugh and relax a little bit. We held our hands and formed a cheer circle to calm down. We got power for the stage from each other in that small room.

                  Two-hour-long performance successfully got over. It was very strange to stand in the auditorium after everything was over. Few moments ago, I had been overwhelmed by thrill and accomplishment on the stage, but looking at the empty stage shining with spotlight only was very lonely and vain. The fact that our performance was over, and that I won't be able to stand on the stage anymore deepened my feelings. I couldn't easily leave the auditorium, where was full of our efforts and happy memories. I felt likee leaving all the happy memories there and put a lock on it. But, I knew it was time to leave. I walked up the stairs to turn off the spotlight, and left the auditorium.

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  1. From Ha Eun to Jieun Choi

    1. What did you like best about this essay? Be specific as possible.

    I liked how she described a place where she was only for a short period of time and how she made it very meaningful.

    2. Did the writer describe the place clearly? List any parts that were not clear to you.

    I think she describe the place pretty clearly.

    3.Did the writer appeal to the different sense? List two sensory details that you especially liked.

    I liked how she described the feelings that she got when she walked into the auditorium. Also, the description of the performance was very detailed as well. So, the two main sensory that I recognized was sight, and physical feelings.

    4. How would you describe the mood or the atmosphere of this place?

    I think it is a place that has a lot of memory for the writer.

    5. Why do you think the writer chose to write about this place?

    I believe that the auditorium carries a special meaning to the writer so,that's probably why she wrote about this place.

    6. How could the writer improve this essay when he or she writes? Make only one suggestion.

    I think writing more detailed about the auditorium would help this essay to be more alive.