Saturday, October 5, 2013

Jeong Hae Joong/ 201003224/ tuesday week5 description

                                                                                                                                  201003224 Jeong Hae Joong

On my way to HUFS in the super-early morning on Wednesday, I chose to spot someone on Danggogae 

station which is in subway line number4. I always used Danggogae station to go to school or somewhere else, which is the last station of line number4. At the platform of the station, I spot a woman. She looked like a mid 

20s. She was kind of chubby and had a shoulder- long hair. She wore a just normal t-shirt and skirt. The 

skirt was flower-printed and knee-long.  The print was so colorful and many flowers are on every side of the 

skirt. After getting on a subway, she did something I didn't understand but some women did: makeup.  I didn't 

know what those cosmetics were called, but she started  to put them on.  Her cheeks, and then lips were the

 next. After making some teeny-tiny changes on her face, she used her smart phone. Taking out earphones 

from her black shoulder back, she put them on her ears. I thought she's listening to music, with her legs 

crossed. This was my observation for I needed to get off to transfer into subway line numbe1. 

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