Saturday, October 5, 2013


Task 3.2

1.      I went to a newly-constructed cyber building at HUFS.

2.      On the second floor, where students gather together and study, I picked a female student who was surrounded by digital devices.

3.      She was a tall, skinny and dark black-haired student with fair complexion, and her red libs were especially visible. She looked down on her digital devices all the time and I thought she was reading a newspaper on iPad. She sometimes jotted down some notes while fixing her eyes onto the device as if she did not miss anything it read. After a couple hours later, she left the spot with a shoulder bag full of books.

4.      I believe she was reading an English newspaper through her iPad, and wrote down some difficult words that might be useful to know.

5.      Was there anything unusual about him or her?


6.      Did you hear the person say anything? If so, you might want to include some direct quotations.

No, since the place is kind of a library, where everyone kept silent.

7.      Was the person interacting with other people? If so, try to describe this interaction.

At least I think she did interact with her friends through Kakao Talk on her iPhone. Of course, she didn't make any sound with the digital interaction, but I could clearly tell she was exchanging some funny conversation with somebody as she gave intermittent smiles while chatting. 

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