Friday, October 11, 2013

2nd Draft of Character Sketch/201001081 Rho ryun/Tue 3,4

About My Best Friend


This is a story of my friend who I met in the Army. His name is Kim Donghyun. Because he and I assigned to a same room in an army training center, we had many chances to have a conversation with each other. The army forced us to sleep at 10 o'clock but we did not follow the regulation because we had so many things to talk about.

We talked about every topic. Since the Army took everything from us, the one thing that could make us happy was conversation. From the conversation, I noticed that he and I had many things in common. I could even assume his feeling by putting myself in his situation. Most of the time, my assumption was pretty accurate. One day, I felt something awkward from his words. So I asked "Hey donghyun, you look upset. What's wrong?" He replied "How did you know that? You scare me" I do not how I could notice it, but just abled to.

Well, because he had coffee like colored skin, his nickname I made was "Mowgli" in the Jungle Book story. I always made fun of him saying "I really want to eat chocolate! Can I have some from your skin?" and every time I made a joke like that he just laugh saying "It must be bitter because I am took dark!" From this point, I am going to explain why I like him this much.

First of all, he is hard worker. Many people in the army try to avoid military training. But, he always tried his best. To be more specific, we had to run 2 miles every morning without shirts on in the winter time. Many trainees went to see doctor or pretended to have a bad cold. Instead of it, he was always at the front of the row. Also, he successfully finished his given task even if it takes a lot of efforts and times. That is, he spared no efforts on doing assigned tasks. It was not much to call him as "perfectionist". Because of him, given assignments that we had to finish in time together became much easier.

Secondly, he know how to treat others well. For example, I knew he had a high level of self-confidence just like me. From my past experiences, the one who had this high level of self-confidence is stubborn. Not surprising at all, I am pretty stubborn. And because of it, I always worried that our friendship eventually broken someday in the future. But he was different. In our relationship, I was always try to be a winner, and my friend always willing to be a loser saying "If you kept insisting you are right, I probably wrong" That is, he knew how to treat me. Even if his self-confident personality does not want to lose, he just chose to lose only because of our relationship. He was cool. And I have learned his attitude in many ways to have a nice relationship with others.

Finally, he likes to travel just like me. And I think it was the core of our relationship. We both like to travel. After we finished our basic training, we were assigned in a different area. He served a military service in Daegu, located in southern part of The Korean peninsula, and I served in Dongducheon, located in Northern part of Korea. So, in the normal situation, we could not hangout often, but in fact, I and he went to travel more than six times. We planned leaves in accordance with each other's. Our relationship have ripen while we traveling together. Actually, we plan to visit oversea country in this winter. We are really expecting it.

If I asked to choose one thing that I got from my Army life, I will choose my friend Kim Donghyun without any hesitation. He is that much important for me. I have learned many lifelong lessons from him: how to live life happily, how to spend money wisely, how to take care of others well, what to seek in life and so on. With the help of him, I finally finished my army life well. He always says this to me. "I hope our relationship will last forever and hope we go family travel together after we married", "You are the best friend I got", and "Hyeong! I miss you". They are the reason that I cannot help but to "mentally" love him.

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