Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jieun Choi/Character Sketch 2nd/Tues 11 am

My Music Teacher


As soon as I think of my high school, several teachers come into my mind. Among them, Ms. Lee, my former music teacher, comes into my mind very first. It's not because music was my favorite subject (yes, it was my favorite), but because I really liked her in person.

            She was a young teacher, around her mid 30s. We all thought she was very cute, although it was very strange to call somebody older than us cute. She was short, and stout lady with white skin. Her small, round face was especially white and bright. She had big eyes, just like those of cows, which was about half of her face, with small nose. She also had big mouth, which made her smile very nice. She had banged and curly semi-long brown hair, which dropped down little under her shoulder. Her low voice was unique among other teachers. It seemed like her voice was full of air.

            She was beloved by every student in our school. She was a wonderful listener to students. She was humorous and funny person we could easily get close to. Also, when we had troubles or problems, we could visit her anytime to talk to her. She constantly made eye contact with her clear big eyes and nodded all the time. We felt like we were fully heard and respected as a person.

In our music class, every time we learn a new song, she was the first to sing as a model. Even though she was small, her rich voice was very big, strong powerful without microphone. We were always curious about where her strong voice comes from. We were always overwhelmed by her voice.

Also, she was a very good piano player, since she majored piano in the top university in Korea. Once, the assignment to play instruments in front of the class was given. I was chosen to play the piano, so I visited her classroom to show the music piece I had chosen.

"I've never heard the music of this artist, but it really seems to be a good song. Have a seat. I'd like to play it."

She sat in front of the piano and started to warm up. Suddenly, she started to play the piece. Her short fingers were gently gliding between the black and the white keys. Yes, her fingers were dancing on the keys. When I was playing it, it was just an accumulation of sounds. But what was from her fingers was a beautiful, sentimental melody. I was so impressed and I can still clearly remember the scene.

She was a very bright, and friendly teacher, who was always open to us. We loved and respected her because there was no reason for not doing so. Sadly, however, I didn't have any chance to visit her again after my graduation. I really hope to hear her piano once again someday.

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