Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ha Eun Park/ Chapter4/ 1st Draft/ Tue 11:00AM

My City


           One place that has more meaning to me than any other place in the world is the city Chicago. It is the place where I have learned to grow and mature. Although I didn't get the opportunity to spend a long period of time there, it is has developed a special place in my heart. It is a place that I can call home.

When you arrive at the O'Hare international airport in Chicago, you will not be able to see anything spectacular, but as you drive closer to downtown you will be able to see the wonderful skyline of Chicago. The tall buildings and the beautiful design of the architectures of the buildings that surrounds the city is absolutely breathtaking. Chicago is very famous for its architecture. Since the Great Chicago Fire, Chicago has become the largest building boom in the nation and the skyline of Chicago is world's tallest and most dense. The streets of Chicago are very clean. There also are patch of grass or trees between the street and the sidewalk which makes it more beautiful. Another thing that I cannot exclude is the parks in Chicago. Millennium Park is the most famous one and I personally wanted to walk in Millennium Park a thousand times. In the spring, the park is filled with tulips which brighten the park in a way that is indescribable.

My memory of Chicago is a cold and a windy place. You could feel the cold wind even in spring. Especially when you take the boat out to the Michigan Lake, the wind gets even stronger. When you are standing at the deck, the icy cold wind creeps inside your body, but it is so worth the cold and the wind when you see that wonderful and magnificent skyline before your eyes. At night it was even more beautiful. I love the city lights especially at night. When all the buildings are lit up, walking down the street makes heart be filled with joy. You are mesmerized by the lights you hardly feel the cold.

Chicago will always have a special place in my heart. The beautiful buildings in the city captivated me and even the cold wind could not stop me from falling in love with the city. The green grass and the tulips at the park and the wonderful skyline of Chicago from the Michigan Lake will be cherished in my memory forever. 

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