Saturday, October 5, 2013

Huyoung Lee/Task 3.2 on p74/Tuesday 11 a.m.

1. I went to a café called Tiamo in Chuncheon.

2. I pick a young woman who was talking to her friend and observed her for about 10 minutes.


- What did the person look like? – size, facial expression, clothing, and so on?

She was not very tall - 161cm in my speculation. She smiled a lot. Her big eyes were impressive. She was wearing a red-grey knit cardigan and long black chiffon skirt with brown loafers. Her dark brown hair was slightly below her shoulder and calmly straight.

- What was the person doing?

She was talking to her friend in a café.

- Was there anything unusual about him or her?

Her style was somewhat different from others. When every other girl was putting fancy makeup on their face, she was a naked face preferring long skirt rather than short skirt which is in fashion now. She dressed pleasantly plain but unique.

- Did you hear the person say anything? If so, you might want to include some direct quotations.

Because I wasn't very close to her and there were many people in the café, I just heard some of her talking and short words such as "Oh", "Well", "I see"

- Was the person interacting with other people? If so, try to describe this interaction.
She was talking to her friend. She delightfully said something to her friend with her big eyes open and close. She also seemed to listen to her friend very carefully, looking at her and nodding. She smiled a lot. 

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