Saturday, October 12, 2013

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<“Only once look before you leap!”>

I want to describe my second aunt. She is 55 year-old. She is very tall about 170 cm. and too skinny. She has long, straight hair. She always ties her hair back. Her eyes which are always prominent are too dark, brooding. The eyes are surrounded by heavy dark circles. Whole face of her are all wrinkled up.

Furthermore, I have never seen her smile even though we are so close that we have met over 50 times a year. Whenever we meet, she always wrinkled his brow deeply, thinking something. Also the eyes are gazing into the floor and she was often numb for a while. Being lost in thought, she usually bites her mouth. My mother often said to me.

“Why does my second sister-in-law care of everything? I know we should remember the proverb, ”Look before you leap”. But I think she is too much looking.” 

Whenever she speaks, she hesitates in speaking and repeats some words, over and over again. Also, she usually murmurs under her breath silently so it is so hard to catch out what the meaning of her words is.

If my aunt is walking on the sidewalk, she look around and then, she start to take a step forward.

 “We..ll… If.. If an earthquake happens,…  Suddenly, a car… can… can… rush to the sidewalk… then what should we… d..o? And if… if… if…..”

 Whenever she mutters these things to herself, her husband who is my uncle always goes ahead without any response.

When I was 3th grade in elementary school, my family was supposed to go trip to Canada with the uncle’s family. Buy the way, just as was expected, the aunt made a phone call to my house at all hours. The phone call had been started 3 months ago from the day that we were scheduled to leave.

 ‘Hmm, The Canada is… is…. now summer day. But when…. we get there……there… will it start… to get a little…. cold, especially at night?

After she said like this, she rang back to my father immediately 10 minutes later.

“Do… Do… you think is it ok.. ok… that I.. I… just exchange 500 만원 into dollars? Isn’t I short of.. of… cash?”  

She just lived with her cell phone to ask a number of borrow cares. My father who always answered the phone said that I would go first to hospital to check my ear before I went to the trip. After answering a bunch of calls from my aunt, he was little deaf of the left ear of him. So my father really went first to hospital.

When the day on which we were scheduled to leave came, as she had done in the past, she told my father that she did not go.

 “Sorry, I can not go to trip… never…. I had the dream in which the plane we… we… were boarding was crashed. And.. and..If not… I may lost in that country… and… and…. It… it… may be easy to be robbed of.. of… my wallet by a pickpocket….”

Finally, we went to trip in Los Angeles except my aunt. While we were traveling in the area, she persistently called to her husband and she worried about him. However, we had a pleasant trip without any problems. The plane never shook, we never lost, and also we never met pickpockets at there. 

I am sure that the most terrible proverb to my aunt is “Look before you leap“. So I really want to change this proverb for her.

“Only once look before you leap!”


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