Monday, October 14, 2013

Jun-hee Kang/Character Sketch 2nd draft/ Tuesday 11 a.m


                                               My Eden

           When it is in hot summer, there is one person that I always remember. Though it has been 10 years that I could not see him, somewhere from my brain search automatically and pull out the image. My grandfather, I met him when I was in middle school. When my family went to the airport to pick him up, I was wondering how he looked like. When I first met him, I was shy and awkward to have a conversation so I just observed him. He had a short gray colored hair, not fat nor thin, and with a height of about 177 cm. he had wrinkles only around his eyes and, which showed the impression that he liked to smile with his eyes a lot. That was the first observation I got.

Then as I stayed with my grandfather for many years I started to see other characteristic of him. He was usually quiet, especially during the meal and listening to classic music. He always had his time to enjoy the tea time after the meal. While taking a tea, he had a smile as if he did not want any interruption. His gesture was always gentle but in another word he was slow. Whenever we go out for a trip, he was a last person to step out from the house.

           On certain situation my grandfather's characteristic changed. When He and I go out for a fishing, he was faster than usual movements. Normally he walked slowly to enjoy looking around the environment, but the day of fishing that was not acceptable. He was really a cautious man in the house or out, but he totally changes when he is out for fishing. He sometimes dived into the sea to bring out the fish that he or I got by the rod which we could not pull out from the water. He was very passionate on fishing. Second situation was when I played soccer. After the match against other school, he talks a lot to coach me what I should have done meanwhile he doesn't speak to me frequently at home. During this kind of conversation he used big gestures to let me know clearly. He once said "kick the ball without thinking just let go what your body wants". Well, honestly that was something that he should have told to someone who is training for several years, not like me playing soccer only in recess time with friends and sometimes on Friday match. It quickly reminded me that he also watched a soccer game frequently. He loved soccer and maybe he thought I could become one of the player he used to see at the television. Lastly, he changed when he drove the car. I hardly saw him using abusive languages even when he got angry until his face turning to red. Whenever he hold the handle of the car, this man became aggressive and emotionally sensitive. At first, it was funny to see him these kind of changes but later it was a horror to see his dual personality.

           My grandfather was my greatest advisor, friend and person whom I loved most. He was always with me to take care and loved to listen, even though it was not that interesting. I loved his smiles, which made me peaceful and relax. He was my refuge.

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