Saturday, October 5, 2013

201201914 An yumi/ Textbook 74p/ Tue 11am

A girl in kahki 


In a café, which is named COFFINE GURUNARU, the girl was sitting at the table near the opposite side wall from me. She seems to be around my age. Her black hair is short and curled. I cannot exactly tell whether she is tall or short as she was sitting down on a chair, she appears to be not that tall. She is wearing a vintage style kahki jacket. The every edges of her jacket are frayed. Her jacket is not zipped up but wide open so that I can see what she is wearing, which was a simple white shirt. She is wearing a classy blue skinny jean. And her yellow sneakers are going well with her blue jean. She is making a duck face like girls do when they take a self picture. In her case, it is not for some satisfying pictures, but it is a simple indication which tells me she is really concentrating on something. Whatever it is on the display of her silver laptop is probably catching her eyes because it looks like as if she wanted to touch the monitor with her eye lashes. Judging by Her face so close to the monitor, I can tell that she must be giving the full focus on what is going on the monitor. She puts her hands still on the key board while her legs are moving harshly. She is shaking them. I think it is not because she feels nervous about something but it is just one of her everyday habits.

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