Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ha Eun Park/201001433/ TUE Wk 5, 3.2

Task 3.2


1.      I went to Starbucks coffee house.

2.      I chose a person who looked cute and who I thought wouldn't notice me.

3.      She had a shoulder high length hair and had bangs. Her hair was light brown and she had big eyes. Her face was relatively pale. She was wearing black skinny jeans, and a dark orange colored sweater. Her shoes were navy colored new balances. Over all she was very skinny and tiny. She seemed as if she was enjoying her time. While she was studying I saw her smiling from now and then.

4.      I think she was studying English because she was mutter words now and then.

5.      Was there anything unusual about him or her?

No, I did not find anything unusual about her.

6.      Did you hear the person say anything? If so, you might want to include some direct quotations.

"I drank it all"

"Hello. Voice contest? What do you mean? Oh. Okay. I like his voice better."



7.      Was the person interacting with other people? If so, try to describe this interaction.

No, she was alone at Starbucks studying but I heard her talking on the phone. She seemed interested in the conversation and she was laughing and smiling while she was on the phone. 

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