Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jun-hee Kang/ Task 3.2/ Tuesday 11 a.m

           Beautiful smile


           She took a few step forward and pause for a while. As if carrying a heavy stone on her back, her step was heavy and slow. The wind recharged her energy to take few more steps again. She wasn't far from where I was sitting in the park, what I could scan was her cloth and physical features. She was short and bend her back to notice clearly that she was old. What she wore looked very comfortable, just an orange colored T-short with a flowered patterns of long skirt. As she was getting closer from where I sat, I saw wrinkles and sweats on her face. Her hair was really white which it was enough to show me that she was old and old. Wrinkles from her forehead to chin showed the tiredness. Her eyes were dark stones from the desert and firmly closed lips showed her strong obstinate. A cane that she was holding tightly on one hand was in adversity to be her leg. When she finally reached on the bench, where it was from my opposite side, she carefully sat and enjoyed the sunlight. Can the flowers enjoy the photosynthesis as she does? If flowers smile, they will smile like her.


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