Sunday, October 6, 2013

Task 3.2/ 201001450 Park Hyun-ju / Week 6

In the subway


It was very tiring day and I was on my way to home. I felt horrible about going back home that late night by taking a crowded subway. As soon as I took a subway, I started looking around people in the subway and looking for someone who would interest me by some different looking or behavior because I was so bored and had nothing to do. But all the people around me looked so exhausted and uninterested to anything. Different from the scenery of a subway in the morning, I could see only tiresome in the faces of people in the subway at night.


It was a guy who was sitting on the opposite side who got my attention. He looked like he was in his late forties guessing from his gray hairs and a wrinkled face. The reason why he grabbed my attention is because he looked around continuously while the people around him concentrating their things- like listening to music, calling with someone or drowsing. Since he was not doing anything but staring, I think he might have noticed that I was observing him at that time, but he gave me a look just few times. He had unique eyes but I don’t know I thought it were beautiful or just unique. His eyes were big and had deep double eyelid. I got the impression that his drooped eye lids made him look tired but tender at the same time. I thought that he didn’t care about his looking because of his worn-out snickers and old looking clothes.


As other people in the subway, he didn’t interact with any other people around him. I don’t think he stared at someone specific in the subway, but he gave a look for a long time at something inside or outside of the subway through the window while keeping rubbing his one hand to another. Also, it was strange for me that he gave a lot of side-glances. Every behavior and looking of him made him appear anxious and lost.


After some time of observing him, I started losing my interest to him and he, suddenly, stood up and walked fast out of the subway through the door next to me. At that moment, I was so stunned because I thought he was passing near me and disappearing in a short time. Strangely, he looked so free because there was nothing in his hands when he got out, so I wondered where he was going.

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