Monday, October 21, 2013

Kim Kap Whan / 201003958 / a place / for Oct 22th, Tues 11 A.M.

        My hometown at the southern sea 


At first, I could not thought of how beautiful village I was born at. I took it for granted. But, as time passed by, after I and my family lived one place and another, I finally realized that I had lived in the very beautiful village. 


   The Village where I spent most of my childhood life was a farming and fishing one. Not only that, we had many mountains. Now, you can easily imagine how beautiful my village was. Sometimes, the place suddenly makes me feel poignantly homesick, reminding me of the lyrics of a song "내 고향 남쪽바다 그 파란 물~ 눈에 보이네" meaning "My hometown is situated at the southern sea. The deep blue seawater I can see~". I was born in Tong Young nicknamed "Naples of the Orient", Which had many seas. It is safe to say that my childhood was always with the sea.

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