Saturday, October 5, 2013

Kang Dabida/Personal sketch/Tue3,4

He seemed as if he was in his late 20's or in the early 30's. I was looking at only his back and left side. He was the most distinct one in the subway for what he was doing. But let me explain his appearance first. He was wearing a black suit. It fit him really nice. He was not tall or short but sturdy. His short black hair made him look stronger. In his left hand, he was carrying a light brown enamel suitcase with ivory like strap. The suitcase was such a fine one that it seemed more suitable for a woman. His dark brown shoes were glossy. His ears were plugged in with a white earphone. He might have been listening to music. He moved his suitcase to his right hand and checked his black Iphone with left hand. Without looking at him in front, I knew he radiated masculine and chic appeal except for one thing.


What was he doing? He was standing right in front of a door which has transparent window in the middle. As you might know, this transparent widow reflects things well. This good looking man must have liked the reflection of himself a lot that he kept staring himself again and again. First, he fixed his hair and checked his face, turning his head right and left, up and down. Later on, he straightened his suit in every way he could. He had been doing this until I left the train. It was as if he was looking at his beloved girlfriend. This confident looking guy did not care whether people in the subway would look at him strangely or not. He should be 100 percent satisfied in his appearance. He was so much engrossed with himself in the mirror that could not leave the place. That should be why he wasn't interested in having a seat at all, or maybe he cared not to wrinkle his suit. Oh, man in love with the person in the window.


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