Friday, October 4, 2013

Kim Kap Whan in EIT / 201003958 / for Oct 8th, Tues 11 A.M. / description

No mercy!


   He is a middle aged man, not so tall. He is characterized by a white gown and dark-colored pants. He doesn't wear glasses. I am rested into a reclining chair, waiting for my turn hopelessly and helplessly and thinking whether treatment would be painful or not. Finally, he comes to me and looks around into my mouth curiously with sharp eyes like eagles as if he thinks it's no big deal, finding out decayed parts or other problems. Very close, I can observe his face carefully. His face feels a little white, pale, and expressionless. Though I think I opened my mouth fully, he still says, "open more" in a military tone, and then drills my tooth mercilessly, drrrrrrrrrr.

   When I first entered the clinic, I felt a warm atmosphere. There was relaxing music such as classical music. The interior was decorated mainly with white color. The sofas gave me a sense of stability. When we had eye contact, he made a bow to me, saying "안녕하세요". I didn't think he needed to do so because he was older than me, but he did. Also, his voice felt friendly and familiar.

   There are one male and some female coworkers. I don't know if they are nurses or doctors. Anyway, he gives orders to them. He says, "Did the false tooth of the patient be molded well?", then the other male coworker responds, "Yes, it was". If he gestures with hand, the female coworker gives him something. They seem professional. When there are so many patients, he is always on the move, almost saying nothing and focusing on what he is doing, but when there aren't many patients, he tells a light joke with them, saying very routine things. He says, " What are you going to eat tonight?" Miraculously and unknowingly, I also enjoy their jokes. When I am done with my treatment, he says, "You can go".

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