Saturday, October 5, 2013

saewhan/Tue11am/descriptive 1st draft

He was my roommate when I served in the military as a KATUSA. He was a tall, stocky and big-headed man with a dark complexion, which, perhaps, due to tiring weeks of military drills in the training camp of July summer. We first met after being stationed at an army camp in Yongsan, Seoul. What was interesting about him was the fact that he was full of contradiction between the way he looked and talked.

But at first, my roommate seemed somewhat serious and sharp in a way that strangers could hardly accost him to ask directions. His dark, thick eyebrows illustrated further that he might be taciturn and avoid unnecessary communication.

However, this appearance turned out to be the antithesis when it came to his garrulous nature. Unlike his bear-like physique, his voice was high-tone and sometimes squeaky when laughing, and his seemingly overreacting hands gestures came to me as bizarre, if not disturbing. He liked to give an eye contact with the twinkle, and I could often see myself reflected in his disproportionately small, dark brown eyes. He talked and laughed cheerfully and easily led any conversation as positive as possible.    

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