Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meaningful Place 201001450 Park Hyun ju (Week 7, EIWriting)




First of all, Melbourne is the city located in the south-eastern part of Australia and it is known as the second biggest and populous city of Australia followed by Sydney as well. I travelled in Melbourne only for several days when I was on my way to Korea after finishing studying in New Zealand in the early 2012


To tell the truth, this is the place where I don’t know well, because I just travelled around the city within 1 week there as I mentioned above. But in my memory, it is one of the most beautiful and meaningful cities where I have visited. Besides, it was meaningful for me because it was my first trip which I went by myself without my family or friends. I felt totally alone there from the first day and from the airport, I found the way to come to hostel where I made a reservation and made a plan to visit famous attractions in Melbourne by myself.  At that time, it was a city where I enjoyed my liberty far away from my people and where I felt afraid of being alone.


 As I liked visiting cafes, attractive architectures and watching the scenery of the beach, I firstly looked up the internet if there were beautiful beaches nearby. Like what I expected there were many significant beaches, cafes and places. But after all, even after searching, I walked a lot in Melbourne city without any specific destinations. Because I liked all the sceneries of the city, the architecture style of buildings which are modern but traditional at the same time. Also, t was a city which are really good for people-watching as it is a metropolitan city and famous for its fashionable people.


As far as I remember, the center of Melbourne city was quite urban and crowded. But I liked more areas a short distance away from the center. There were small tranquil towns and lovely beaches like St Kit or Bon beach. I spent a time in those two beaches with my new friend from Sri Lanka who was travelling alone like me. The mood and atmosphere of small town which has very different charms from the center were very attractive to me. Besides, gorgeous view of sunset in Bon beach created a warm atmosphere and I could become calm and relaxed there.


Even though the time I spent in Melbourne was short, I can recall lovely memories from that time. So I think Melbourne city is memorable and meaningful place to me where I want to visit again in the future.

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