Sunday, October 13, 2013

Jun-hee Kang/ Bio info/ Tuesday 11 a.m

1. I would like to learn more about Steven Jobs the pioneer of personal computer revolution.

3. Wikipedia and Crunchbase seemed helpful to found out more about Steve Jobs.

4  A. Steven Jobs, he was born in San Francisco, California US. His early life seemed rough and hard at first. When he was born, His mother's family did not accept the relationship of his father so Steven Jobs needed to be adopted by non-biological parents.

B. He became famous by inventing Macintosh in "Apple Computer Company" and as entrepreneur of NeXT and Pixar to open the new generation.

C. One thing that I learned about him that surprised me was the passion that he had on his dream, which did not stop but keep moving forward even he faced in harsh environment.


D. If I were asked to write a brief biography of Steve Jobs and emphasize three personal characteristic, I would be passion, creativity and affirmative.


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