Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rho Ryun/201001081/Task 3.2/Tue 3,4

"Cuty big bulky man"

     I heard loud noises with unfamiliar language. My curiosity made me head over to the sound to notify what is happening. There were some guys using a language I have never heard. Among them, I found a man who has a fine presence. The chair he set on seemed not enough to support his large body. And from the clothes he worn, I could vaguely assume that he came from a country located in Africa. The color of his clothes was orange and there are many animals printed. In my guess, that must be traditional clothes. The animal pattern was not quite harmonious because he looks scary. Not only his bulky body, but also his facial expression makes me think that way. He was frown and looks uncomfortable.

      For the first time, I heard some words I could understand. It was "Nam dong sang" which means younger brother in Korean. One of his friend said "That means older brother". It was obvious that the big guy did not agree with that idea at all. He said to his friend that "No no! You were wrong! It means older brother!” He was almost shouting. The mixed voices became louder because of the conflict of the definition of the word. Now I could understand they are studying Korean. I really wanted to interrupt and define the word to finish the argument but I just let them argue. They look so cute in my eyes because their appearance and the content of the argument did not fit at all.

      After the argument, they finally chose the big bulky man's opinion. Suddenly he came up to me. He introduced himself to me, and asks the definition of "Nam dong sang". As soon as I let him know the definition, he said "See this? I was right! You guys have to study hard!” At that moment, I noticed his big smile of satisfaction on his face. His bright white tooth was shinning. He looked like a happiest man in the world. He was not scary anymore and even cute and innocent.

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