Friday, October 4, 2013

Lo Yun Seo/201101117/description 1/Tuesday 11 a.m.

<Task3.2. Practice>

1.I go to the Incheon Grand Park. In that park, I saw the playground in which children were playing.

2. I selected one person who was having a swing. I guessed that his age was about 10 year-old, and he was much shorter than his friends. Also he was chubby.

    <Don’t Make a Hasty Judgment>

3.  When I selected one person to do this assignment, one boy stood out from the rest of crowds. I thought that his age was about 10 year-old. He was much shorter than any other child in the park and also, he was very chubby. He wore a blue stripe t-shirt and a long blue jean which were all wrinkled up and also very dirty. So I believed that he had no confidence and he was very shy guy because of his appearance.

However, his action was really different from his appearance. He always led the group of children.

“Come on! We have to have a swing in order. So line up right now!”

After he said to everybody, all children in that park started to ling up in a row to have a swing! Furthermore, he had so cheerful that I only concentrated on his movement. And the most notable thing that I impressed by was his facial expression. He never lost his smile for fifteen minutes when I observed him carefully. Even when he got hit by one friend on a swing very severely, he was always smiling.

“That’s OK. You just made mistake. So you don’t have to apologize to me.”

Saying like this, he rather patted the boy who hit him on the back. What an adult behavior he did! After I heard this mention I was very shocked. Also, I realized how I was dependent on people’s appearance. I made pre-judgment on his personality just seeing his surface things before knowing his real value.           

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