Friday, October 11, 2013

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About Steve Jobs (1955~2011)


A. When and where was the person born? How would you describe the person's childhood or early life?

 Steve Jobs born in 1955 at San Francisco. I would like to describe his early life as "Lucky" The reasoning behind is that he luckily met "Steve Wozniak" and I think without Wonzniak's help, Jobs could not make a difference.


B. What accomplishment or event caused this person to become famous?

 The Apple computer made him to become famous. But in my perspective, the presentation of his about the 'I-Phone 3G' and 'I-Pod Nano' made him successful in Korea. Actually, I did not even know who he was before the 'I-Pod Nano' had come out.


C. What was one thing you learned about this person that surprised you?

 By searching through the Internet about him, I found that he was characterized as "Innovative" I was surprised that he took lead of the development of every Apple product. He made his programmer modify even the smallest factors such as menu bars and text types. All these things lead him in a way of innovation.


D. If you were asked to write a brief biography of this person, what three personal characteristics would you emphasize?

 In the first place, I want to emphasize his innovative characteristic. Secondly, I will write about his stubborn characteristic. Finally, I want to introduce about his drive.

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