Monday, October 14, 2013

IEWriting , WEEK 7 , Character Sketch 2nd Draft , 201001450 Park Hyun-ju

My Best Friend


My friend whose name is Dan-bi is my friend from the high school and I can say that she is my best friend ever. As she is so special person to me, I think I know about her more than other friends, so I want to write about her this time. We first knew each other as a classmate but we actually became close through spending a long time when we went to Australia as a school excursion in the summer vacation of the first year in high school. I didn't know about her well before, but, as I was getting along with her there, I knew that she was a kind of person who was very humorous and easy-going. After that excursion, we became the closest friends in the classroom and our friendship remains until now.


 The very distinct feature of her appearance is her height. She is tall as a girl. She is about 174 centimeters tall. I don't know if she is not satisfied with her height but I like her height. Because this height suits her so well, I think it is her charm. Also, she has fair bright skin with a favorable impression of face. So when it comes to the appearance, we may look pretty different. Because I am relatively short and have darker skin. And even in the taste of clothes, she likes kind of simple, tidy and bright colored clothes while I like fancy, dark, layered fashion. Our looking is much different like this at first glance but people get to know that our character is somewhat alike after some time.


One of the things I think unique among her characters is that she believes that she can guess a personality of people by their blood types.

" I can get along with blood type A and O well but I don't like B because my relationship with blood type B doesn't go well" She likes to say like this.

Like the blood types, I've got the feeling that her judgement towards someone is kind of illogical in my point of view. So, of course, I know that it is silly making those stereotypes through blood types or something like that. But, strangely, I get to understand and believe her by listening to her interpretation of those things. I think it is one of her strengths making people nod their heads to her explanation. And by the way, fortunately my blood type is O which she thinks she suits well.


Also, she is very concerned about food unlike other friends at my age. People including me are often surprised by her awareness of ingredients of foods. She always cares about what she consumes. I have seen her interested something unusual in my perspective many times before and I like those tastes of her which seem somewhat distinctive.


But what I like most among her characteristics is that she is open-minded and she can be honest about her feeling to everyone. Although, there were times when we had a frustration because of confrontation between her openness and my own character which was quite different from her before, however, because I respect her character and even I believe that this is the character which I have learned a lot. Now we know how to consider each other's feeling and that's how we keep remaining as a best friend to each other.


Nowadays, we can't get along as much as we could in the high school. She studies Chinese literature in the university and very busy with preparing to study in China as an interchange student next semester. It's kind of hard to meet each other a lot but we are trying to make time for each other. And I think even we meet after a long time after we can feel each other close because we spent a long time together before. 




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