Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yoo Hongsang/character sketch 2nd draft /Tue 11 a.m.

My high school friend

 I want to describe my female friend, Min-hye. She is the same age as me. She is about 166 centimeters tall, and very slim. Her most conspicuous physical characteristic is her skin. Her skin is quite dark compared to many other usual women. Actually we went to the same high school. One day of the 3rd year of high school, one of my best friends who loved soccer, made fun of her by calling Adebayor, the famous soccer player from Senegal. Everyone in the class told him that it is not manners to call a lady in such a way. However, soon her nick name became Adebayor. I sometimes called her in that nickname, every which time she got upset and ran after me to beat me.

  It is unfortunate that she can't play soccer well, but she is good at singing. She sings really well. Actually, when we were highs school student, we were in a choir. It is no wonder that she is good at singing to some degree(I was kind of a tone-off at that time, though). At that time, she was 'just good', not unbelievable or super excellent. When becoming the 3rd year, I gave up Korean SAT for I hated studying itself so much. Anyway, every evening I sneaked out from what is so called '야자(a nighttime study)', which is usually scheduled after the official daytime classes, and I went to Karaoke, with Min-hye! She also seemed like she hated studying. 

  Unlike other many diligent and smart students, we went to Karaoke many times throughout our final year of the high school. Apparently, I did not persuade her to go to Karaoke with me, but many friends of mine told me to go by myself and stop destroying her life. Since I gave up studying, singing was so fun at that time. And every time I went to Karaoke, Min-hye was with me. Actually my singing didn't gett better that much. But, Min-hye became good to great, great to excellent, excellent to unbelievable. Probably, it is me that made her a great singer. Anyway in the end, she went to one of the SKYs..... I did not gain anything from Karaoke but Min-hye's mastering singing.

  She is a nice person and independent. She's been in the Philippines and America, respectively for a year. So, I changed her nick name from Adebayor to Philippina. Now she is on her last semester of university, preparing for getting a job like I do now. So far, I kind of rarely met her, but recently we meet often, and go to Karaoke. She is still good at singing. It seems like we went back to our high school life again. And at the end of our efforts of getting jobs, I can imagine that she succeeds and I fail just like at the time of high school. Oh, no!!

Finally, I forgot to tell you one thing. She is sometimes dull and insensitive. Now at this moment, she is studying SSAT, which is Samsung's aptitude test in front of me. She does not have the slightest idea what I am doing now.

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