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Kim Kap Whan / 201003958 / for Oct 15th, Tues 11 A.M. / Bio Info

Nelson Mandela 

1. When and where was the person born? How would you describe the person's childhood or early life?

Mandela was born on 18 July 1918 in the village of Mvezo in Umtatu, then a part of South Africa's Cape Province. He was born a son of chief of the Thembu tribe, but, after his father stepped down from the position of chief, he had a difficult time economically.


2. What accomplishment or event caused this person to become famous?

In the middle of civil strife and confusion, he had a belief that the apartheid should be lifted and South Africa should be solidified and kept secure and safe. To prevent South Africa from falling apart, he negotiated with the government of white men of de Klerk and the Zulu tribe to carry through democratic election. In recognition of this, he and de Klerk received the Nobel Peace prize in 1993, and was elected President in 1994. After the election, he brought apartheid to an end and 350 years of racial conflict in South Africa.


3. What was one thing you learned about this person that surprised you?

On the way to a hideout, returning from the meeting called "the window of the people", he was arrested and served a twenty-seven sentence in prison. Against all odds, he pushed himself into the bright future. For example, even in prison, he made a vegetable garden, planted a tree and received many prestigious prizes.

So, I was surprised his fortitude and perseverance for his ideology.


4. If you were asked to write a brief biography of this person, what three personal characteristics would you emphasize?

courage, determination, perseverance.

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