Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Yoo Hongsang/ Oral History/ Tue 11-1

My friend, giving up going to Samsung



  Since I am a senior, I am seeking a job. I decided to interview my friend, who is also preparing for getting a job. First, we made an appointment, met, and went into the restaurant. After a meal, we went to a cafe for the real purpose of the meeting.


  Since we are very close, I prepared for the list of questions in advance in order not to be distracted during the interview. First, I asked him about how many companies he applied for and how many he passed. He said that he applied for about 20 companies, and among them he passed document screening and the aptitude test in 5 companies. He already went through interviews in some companies, and waits for the result. This is amazing because other many friends of mine failed even in most of the document screening.


  However, the most amazing thing was that he gave up the final interview of Samsung Electronics. Actually, he did an internship during the summer vacation, and more than 50 percent of the interns are turned into the regular jobs, and all of them only have to take the final interview, not having to go through all screening process. I asked him why he gave up on the interview.


  He said, ''I want to balance between work and my private life. Samsung Electronics is surely a very good company, but many employees work overtime for the company's profit.''


  I thought that it was such a difficult decision. I also asked him about what his priority is in choosing the companies. He said, ''I want to go to the company that guarantees the working years until the retirement age.''


  It is getting more and more difficult to enter the big companies due to the bad economy. I think he is doing very well in spite of all the unfavorable conditions. I believe that he will be able to find the work where he will feel more satisfied more than he will feel in Samsung.


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