Monday, November 4, 2013

Jun-hee Kang/ Task 5.2/ Tues. 11 am

1.     I interviewed one of my friend who was in France and recently came back to Korea.

2.     I prepared 5 questions.

5.   A. I found out that interviewing someone and write into an essay will not be easy as I read in the book.

B. "Did you not also had a hard time living in France, where you were alone and go to University?", this question had a longest answer because he had troubles and problems a lot..

"Where there students or people made fun of you on French accents? Any Racism?" I thought this question might take some while but it turn to shortest answer.

"Do you enjoy living in Korea?" He told me that he is enjoying his time here. He wants to postpone the time to stay in Korea and take a job for a while.

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