Monday, November 11, 2013

20203934 Hanna 5.2task 11am-1pm. on Tus

Hanna 201203934  task 5.2 interview  class11am-1pm Tus
1. one of my friends who is selling cosmetis
What's your job?
I am a kind of businessman which called weishang in China.
What's the meaning of weishang?
Oh, it is a type of internet selling. We connect with customers through
wechat.we called wechat "Weixin" and we called businessman
"Shangren" in China. So we cut out "Weixin"-we and "Shangren"- Shang,
 recompounding "Wei" and"Shang", then we call it "Weishang".
when did you began to sell cosmetis from Korea to China
 through " wechat"( wechat is similar to Kakao)
  I began to join in this part two years ago when I came to Korea
on June.2011.
 Why you join in this part of business which is so-called "weishang"?
The first reason I have entered into weishang is influenced by my 
He is independence and he is smart, he earn so much money on this
Second, I wanna to accumulate a wealth of experience and expande
entertainment circle,even to practice my ability of communicate.
Third, I wanna to be a boss that I can work for myself.
5. I learned that the meaning of weishang and what can caused person
entered into business industry. The meaning of weishang got the longest
answer and the first question got the shortest answer.Because the first
question is an easy question. "weishang" led to the most interesting
response because it is a new word in China and this part of business area
effect a high tide of transnational selling.
6.I'll try to ask some amazing and novelty questions of the newborn things,
and I'll avoid the private questions like the income... 

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