Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kang Dabida/Improved language samples/ Tue34

1.     But I know a person to whom all the terrible accidents happened in just two years.

è  But I know a person who has suffered from severe accidents in just two years. As the saying goes 'it never rains but it pours', his stories exactly fit into place.


2.     I met him in HUFS in 2012. Because we major in the same department, Media Communication, we used to hang out with other friends too.

è  I met him in HUFS in 2012 and we became close for having many things in common, including the same major, Media Communication. We used to hang out a lot in Imundong with other friends too.


3.     Before long, I found it out easily that he is a man with all the bad luck.

è  I don't want to be rude, but whenever I see him and listen to his stories, I can't help but feel pity for him. Because he truly is a man with the bad luck as if he were cursed from somebody.


4.     He is a positive and energetic man.

è  To describe him a little, he is a positive and energetic man. It's hard to imagine from his charming personality that he had gone through bad accidents.


5.     I suddenly wondered why on earth bad things which might happen to a person once in his or her lifetime happened continuously to such a hardworking man.

è  It came into my mind all of sudden, why on earth such a hardworking man had to experience so many bad things, to others which might be once-in-a-lifetime accident.


6.     He said with embarrassingly smiling, "Let me first exclude the happenings that occurred due to my clumsiness."

è  He smiled embarrassingly and said, "I should exclude the happenings that occurred for my clumsiness, shouldn't I?"


7.     "I'm way too much unlucky to just call myself unlucky."

è  "To look back, I feel like I was the unluckiest in the world."


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