Friday, November 1, 2013

Lo YunSeo/Task 5.2.Interview/Tues.11am

1.      My mother


-What is your job?

My job is elementary school’s teacher.

-Why do you choose the job?

I really love children, and the job is very stable to live. 

-What kind of style of clothes do you usually love to wear?

I usually wear black color’s one- piece. It makes me very neat. And also It makes me very chic.

-Why do you always try to change the TV channel, when I am watching some program?

Because I think that you have to go your room to do study. And the TV is mine. So you cannot blame that thing.  

-How do you meet my father?

I met my husband about 30 years ago in the U.S. At that time, he was one of my first uncle’s juniors in Harvard. So the uncle recommended him to me.

 -Do you think that you have a great and happy life?

Yes, I have great husband. And also my kids have great characters. So I am satisfied by my life.

 -Why don’t we raise a pet?

No. I don’t want to care one more bothering thing. If you really want to raise a pet, then you just leave home. 

 -How often do you exercise?

Actually, I don’t like to do exercise. But I do exercise every day for healthy life.

-What recent issue do you have interest the most?

The jumping radiation levels of Fukushima Nuclear Power weapon.

-Do you agree with the operators of the Fukushima Nuclear Power weapon thinking?

I don’t believe their confidence. They said that the influence of the meltdown has been lower as time goes by. But I think the influence of the meltdown has been much higher. It can be potentially be deadly.  



4.Then, ask the other person to interview you.

-What kind of food do you like the most?

I like Korean style food. So I like ‘된장찌개’ of my mother the most.

-what personality do you have?

I think that I am very diligent person. I always wake up 5 a.m. I have never been absent from school class. Also I have never been late in the school class time.

-what is your hobby?

I love to listen to music lf I have a spare time.

 -Why do you like to buy brand-name product?

Actually I am not interested in the brand-name products. But my mother loves to buy it. SO I just bring a bag from my mother’s wardrobe.  

-What is your happiest memory in your life?

I always satisfied by my life. So I’m making new happiest memory every day.

-What is the best travel that you have ever gone?

When my age was 10, I went to Canada with my brother. At that time I had a chance to see Niagara Falls. So it is the most impressive view for me.

5.When I do trivial communication with my mother, I don’t have many chances to recognize my mother’s story. But after doing interview, I can learn lots of things from my mother. And the love story of my parents was really interesting. I have lost track of the time talking with my mother. From the question, ‘-Why do you always try to change the TV channel, when I am watching some program?’ I could get the longest answer as we argue with the right of TV channel. On the other hand, from the question, ‘-What is your job?’ I led to the most shortest answer as I knew that her job. The most interesting response was from the question, “How do you meet my father?” as she said that my father hanged around my mother like a leech.


1.What things will you try to do when you interview someone more formally?

 For formal interview, I must make a list of questions. If I don’t, the conversation will dry up and there will be a continuing silence. And I think the questions have unity. If it doesn’t I will be very confused. And also if possible, I have to record the interview. I cannot write all things what the speaker says. So I just can write the main point of the interview. So for making the final interview sheet, I have to record it. Furthermore, we ask follow-up questions to link the conversation. I have a flexibility to change the question or make deep question for better interview. Moreover, I get a number of specific instances from the speaker. It is really important to get more story of the speaker to be specific interview.


2.What will you try to avoid doing?

I think that the most terrible thing in interview is that the asker speaks more than the speaker. I always keep in mind “the main character in a play is the speaker.” I just speak to ask questions and draw more information and stories from speak. Furthermore, it is also necessary to make a brief question. We don’t have to boast of my speaking skills. And also, I will make a relaxed atmosphere for speaker to respond very freely.  Besides, it is bad thing that cut off the speaker’s speech. We have to be an active-listener but do not bother the speaker’s speaking. Finally, in the question sheets, impolite questions and too personal questions must not be included. It can break out the great atmosphere of interview and the speaker can feel insulted and offensive. So I must exclude that questions for great interview.


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