Monday, November 4, 2013

Kim Kap Whan / 201003958 / task5.2 / for Nov 5th, Tues 11 A.M.

I chose my mother as an interviewee.


5. After these informal interviews, freewrite on the following questions:

What did you learn about interviewing?

⇨ An interview can be very interesting, navigating through the past.

What question got the longest answer? Why?

⇨ How was your childhood? Because there are many pleasant memories about childhood.

What question got the shortest answer? Why?

⇨ How long have you lived in the Dumi island, your parents' home? Because the answer is 32 years.

What question led to the most interesting answer? Why?

⇨ Could you explain in more detail your childhood? Because mother was especially pleased. When I asked this question, mother talked as if to reel off a story.


6. Discuss your results with a small group or as a class.

What things will you try to do when you interview someone more formally?

⇨ To make advance preparations. For example, to learn more about the background of the interviewee. I usually dress down in everyday life, but for an interview, I will dress up. I will create a more interviewee-friendly atmosphere. Only when the interviewee feel comfortable, then I will have good results.

What will you try to avoid doing?

⇨ I will avoid creating a bad atmosphere. For example, aggressive and forcible attitude, military tone, and so on. Under friendly atmosphere, natural and more creative thinking will flow out. I will avoid being late. I also don't like a person who is late. I will avoid appearing distracted. Though the story of the interviewee is a little boring, I should keep attention for the sake of the interviewee.

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