Monday, November 4, 2013

An yumi/ a brief report of interviewing activity/ Tue 11am

I interviewed my friend, Hui-yeon Kwon. She is my age and we were friends since high school. She is a university student and now lives in Suwon

The questions and answers were like the following.


1. How is your school life these days?

 Her midterm is still not over. So these days, her school life is all about studying for that midterm. There were so many holidays during the first half of the semester, which delayed the end of the midterm. On this Thursday she took an exam which requires the knowledge about differential. She is taking a lot of pressures.

2. What is the most expensive thing that you recently wanted to buy?

 "I can answer that right away. Zara black coat! But I cannot buy it," she said. "How much is it," I asked. "It costs me a whole pay of a month from part-time job," she almost cried. So, now she is thinking about finding a similar one from no-brand which is cheaper. However, she said that she just cannot simply give up that black coat. She is planning to go to the concert at the end of the year and if she gives up the concert she think she can buy that coat. She thinks she might have a hard time deciding between those two options.

3. What are you most interested in these days?

 She is currently doing something called "Trend Reporter" with Naver. Naver, one of the major portal sites in Korea, assigned some university students as "trend reporters" and the reporters  regularly make postings about anything that they think will capture the users' attention She regularly make a posting about anything she wants to write about. And she became "the best reporter in October." Once she shared a tip about using an empty take-out coffee cup as a tray and it earned a thousand of "likes" and comments.

4. What do you hate most about your recent life?

 "Of course, being poor. It is only 4th days of a month, but my balance is only 60,000 won," she said. "Seoul makes us poor."

5. What country do you want to go if you can go there right now?

 "France." She answered with no hesitation. "Why France," I asked. She answered that it just popped up in her head. "And Eiffel tower is still, to me, like a symbol of ideal travel. I really want to see that tower with my own eyes."

6. What do you think you will be doing right on this day, right on this time 10 years later?

 "I think I will probably be reading a book. Laundries are fold neatly besides me. And I am pregnant," "Wait, you are 31 then. And you are pregnant," I interrupted. "Why not? I will marry later, I will have kids later," "Okay, go on." "And I will call my husband to buy me some sushi on his way back to home from work," she said. I asked her what will be her job and she answered, "I am not sure but, the one that gives me a lot of money."

I learned that the questions about what actually did not happen to them earns shorter and less interesting answer than the questions about what is actually happening in their daily lives.

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