Sunday, November 3, 2013

Choe Kyung-Yo/Task 5.2/Tue 3,4

Task 5.2


My interviewee is my brother who is 7 years younger than me. He and I are living in a dormitory, it is uncommon for me to have a conversation with him. That's why I decided to interview him so that I can get to know him better.


I made 25 questions before I interviewed him. When he didn't catch the point I was asking, however, I added more questions to help him to understand what the questions is about.


What I did learn about interviewing is he was more adult than I expected he would.


The question I got the longest answer was "Can you tell me the person that you respect most?" He said his homeroom teacher. I asked him why you respect him. He said the teacher always listen to students. He also tried to reconcile students.

When I ask him "Where do you think is the most ugly part in your face?" he said "Nose". That was the shortest answer, which I think is understandable.

The question that led to the most interesting response was "Which part do you think you should improve?" He gave two answers. He said he should not doze in class, and should borrow books from library in school. These answers sounded mature to me so I was a little touched.


If I interview more formal person, I will try to make the questions more comprehensible and clear, not vague. During this interview, some questions confused him, so he sometimes gave me the wrong answers. He is my brother, so if I correct his answers, it is not bad. If the interviewee is someone who I don't know well, or a very elderly person, however, saying like "Sorry, but that is not the question I am asking to you…" is almost impossible. To avoid this, every question should be concise and clear.

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