Monday, November 4, 2013

Ha Eun Park/ Task 5.2/ TUE 11 AM

Fortunately enough, I got the opportunity to interview a classmate. I asked some general question and some personal questions. I thought of some questions before I interviewed her. Through the interview I got a chance to know more about a classmate.


The longest answer that I got was about her recent issues. She is currently having problems going to sleep. Through the interview I found out that she is worried as a junior about her future and those worries will


The shortest answer that I got from her was her age. Since age does not need any further explanation, it naturally became the very shortest answer.


I found out some interesting facts about how my peers. The uncertainty about our future is a common factor that all of us can relate, and the uncertainty is what makes us who we are now.


Although it was my first time talking to her, I believe she and I did not have any trouble talking about any matter. I think I was lucky because since she was same age as I am, it made it more comfortable for both of us to talk to each other.


When you are talking to a person that you do not know I think it is important for you to be prepared in advance. Since my interview was a bit spontaneous, it may have been less prepared than I would have liked it to be. So, preparing the right questions with a open mind is something that is important when you are interviewing someone.

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