Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jeong Hae Joong/ take5.2 interview. tues 11am.

1. My uncle.



When did you move to Seoul from your hometown?

In the early 1980s. (In Korean history, so many people moved to mega-big cities such as Seoul and Busan to get jobs at that time. This is called "Ichonhyangdo")


What made you to decide to go to Seoul at that time?

For there was hardly anything to do for my parents for a living in my hometown, we just moved, Junggye-dong, Seoul.


What did you do for a living?

My parents, so your grandparents, did so called "nogada", which means pretty hard works in a kind of looking-down tone, such as construction jobs.    


Where did you live?

At first, we six people including your mom, lived in a small room in Junggye-dong. Even though, Junggye-dong is nowadays so affluent and well-developed district in Nowon-gu that it is called the Daechi-dong of Nowon-gu, at that time, the town was so barely developed that we lived in a town so called "panjachon." Literally, we lived in a small room with no bathroom. There was a public washroom for each three house. It was so uncomfortable that I did never have a shower in a relaxed way. We also used kind of coal to heat the room in the winter, which was kind of less effective or just useless.  


What it was like at the first moment you came to the city?

I thought my family was so horribly poor. My life was so bumpy. When I saw the room, I said that "Did I have to live in this place?" It's so miserable to live in such a place. At that moment, even there was no subway stations constructed in Nowon-Gu.  


Have you ever regretted your choice to move in the city?

Actually, we moved a lot. At a time when Junggye-dong was being developed, we moved to Sanggye-dong. And when Sanggye-dong was being developed, we moved to Danggogae. You know, we just kept moving to more and more outside of Seoul because we had no money to live in a developed area. It was just unaffordable to do. But I've never regretted that I lived in Seoul with almost no money. I thought living in that kind of circumstances made me to do hard anything. Kind of inspiration to study hard to have a house with a bathroom.


3. I recorded this on my phone.


5. the past of Seoul, how hard and poor it was to live in the capital city of Korea at that time. I got a longer answer from the question "where did you live" and shorter answer from the question " When did you move to Seoul from your hometown?" I thought he gave the long answer to me for he felt strongly about the concept of the house. He said that he felt ashamed because he lived in the room like that.


6. To make more questions as a backup-plan question. It's like just in case. Also I will do make an appointment. I would like to avoid some tricky or too personal questions. In addition, I would like to have an interview in person. Actually, I did this interview on the phone. 

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