Monday, November 4, 2013

201001450 박현주, EIWriting Week 10 , Task 5.2.


I interviewed my close friend. Before the interview, I prepared some questions I wanted to ask to her and during the interview ,especially, I got to know more about how she got along with the people around her and how she feels about her character.


 I already knew many things about her and she's young so she has few experiences. For that reason, it was a little bit difficult for me to make unique and fresh questions.   


I prepared questions like her childhood, friendship (her relationship with friends), and how her dream has changed, her major and her character and role model.   


I learned more about her because the interview gave me the opportunity to ask directly to her about what I've wanted to know and to make her answer exactly about my question.


 I got the longest answer when I asked about her close friend in the middle school because she knew well about her friend and wanted to share the story with her, she could answer for a long time.


I think asking about childhood will not be a good idea when someone doesn't have exact or special memory in his youth. And also I got the shortest answer when I questions about this.


And I think to question the thing most related to person's life can elicit the most interesting and original response. The most interesting answer from my friend was about languages. As she majors Chinese Literature in the university and graduated from foreign language high school, it was interesting to ask about how she feels about learning languages. Throughout the interview, I knew that she started to study English from middle school from the very beginning like learning alphabets because she lost her interest of learning English when she lost her textbook in elementary school. It was fun to know she decided to enter foreign language high school for learning more about English, but it didn't turn out what she had expected and she had been in difficulty catching up her friends in high school.


 When I interview someone more formally, I will search more about him/her not to question something ordinary. And I will try to ask things I want to know more about him/her and the questions which make the interviewee think carefully and thoroughly about.

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