Monday, November 4, 2013

Yoo Hongsang/ Ch 5 Task 5.2 / Tue 11 a.m.

1. I interviewed my friend, who is now preparing for getting a job.


What did you learn about interviewing?

- Of course, I learned a lot about the person whom I interviewed, but what I learned about interviewing was that all the procedures such as preparing the list of questions, and making the appropriate atmosphere, making the interviewee feel comfortable, and etc. were all very important.

What question got the longest answer? Why?

- Q : How many companies did you pass so far?

It's because he had to list all the companies he applied for, the companies he failed, and the companies he was left with now.

What question got the shortest answer? Why?

- Q :  What do you do?

It's because he is just a student. I knew it of course, but I bothered to ask this simple question to make the interview seem and feel more formal.

What question led to the most interesting response? Why?

- Q : What do you think your strongest point is?

This question was just simply normal, but his answer was interesting. He answered that his strongest point is communications skills. I thought that this answer was interesting because I thought that he was quite good at math, so I did not expect him to mention communication skills as his strongest point. However, on second thought, he has many friends around him, and he makes everyone feel comfortable around him. Since what he answered was off my expectation, and also true at the same time, I think this question led to the most interesting response.


What things will you try to do when you interview someone more formally?

- First, I will politely ask the person I interview to be interviewed in advance and set the specific appointment. And I will try to invite the interviewee to the nice and business-like place. And I will also suit myself up. By making the atmosphere look formal and official, I will also try hard to make the interviewee feel comfortable to get the best answer from him/her.

What will you try to avoid doing?

will avoid pretending to know the person I interview even if I knew him/her already. By doing so, I think I can keep the formal atmosphere.

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