Monday, November 18, 2013

Jun-hee Kang/ Interview essay 2nd draft/ Tues. 11 am



                                                      Dream Big

           Sitting on the window side watching outside and listening to classical music was not boring at all, while waiting her. Few minutes later, I could see her walking fast as she could showing that she was little bit late. Had a long hair with a long black coat and having a huge guitar bag on her back, which was big as her height made me laugh.

"Sorry I'm late, I had the concert practice that will be on December". She sat down on the other side, putting down the guitar bag.

"I understand, Ice Americano?." I said as I stood up.

"Bingo!" she smiled.

When she had some cup of coffee she looked at me with curiosity.

"What made you to have an appointment with me? We usually hang out on weekends don't we?"

"Well, we do but this is something different, it's more likely to be called an interview, you know asking some few questions and tell your stories."

She giggled and replied, "Then do I have to introduce myself? Like my name is Min Deul-lei taking a part on bass guitar of SugerBowl?" She was holding a coffee and leaned to the sofa.

Recently, she went to practice a lot because there is a concert on Christmas Eve. It wasn't that famous of her group, but had some offers to be on stage. She was been in 'SugerBowl' for about 8 years playing bass guitar. I was wondering if she can really continue to play guitar on stage because I saw her how tired and stressful it was.

"What makes you continuously do the band? You always grumble when there is a concert or practice?" This was what I wondered from long time. She told me that it was because she loved the sisters who were on group but it seemed there was more than that.

"You know what? When I was in college I had an opportunity to go to France, in other word we say the country of art." She closed her eyes as if she was remembering how it was.

"Artist over there, they are totally different from us. What could I say, freedom? Their performance, gave me something that one day I would really like to be one of them. Later, that 'something' was a freedom. Don't want to talk a lot about Korean system here being an artist. But I could say that it is somehow trapped. I still dream myself, even though I earn little, one day I can feel the freedom as I saw the artist playing their performance to the people." She was keep smiling when she talked about France. It gave me an impression how she wants to visit again.

"Well I though your parents are pushing to get settled so.." I could not continue the question because she was stared at me fiercely.

"It is not a good manner to ask does questions in front of the lady directly."

I told her to not misunderstand my behavior, true or not, I asked as a part of interview questions because her age was enough to get married. Most of her friends got married already but seemed she doesn't care. She told me that she was planning apply one of the University in France to learn more on art.

"Definitely, I know you don't know French at all. How are you going to learn?" I was worried how things might turn difficult without knowing any foreign languages.

"Oh, seemed my boyfriend did not told you yet, I am learning French with him. You know he graduated in France." Her eyes was showing confidence and eagerness that nothing will stop her to go to France.

I could see outside people rush themselves going home or to take dinner. Realized that I was hungry. As we came out from the cafeteria I saw her back, carrying a big guitar bag that I hardly see her but she had a big dream. Her courageous steps showed she knows the path and could overcome those hard, challenging and difficulties. I envy her about her dream that does not concern on any troubles.


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