Friday, September 13, 2013

Past Experiences with Writing/Tues.11AM/노윤서

1.      How do you feel about writing in your first language compared to writing in English?

 Actually, writing in English is easier that writing in my first language, Korean. As I have learned English and I have met lots of opportunities to writing in English, I have often had a bunch of difficulties in writing with English. Due to lack of writing skills in English, it was much difficult to expressed great ideas which were rushed upon my mind to writing. So the sentence that I expressed my ideas has an odd sound and the formal structure of logic was destroyed. However, there were a number of chances to learn English writing skills and express my thinking in English writing. So now, it is not a burden to write in English. Although I am not a stylist in writing like Joan K. rowling, but I can make my point in the writing clearly obvious. Sometimes, I spend more times and make more efforts to writing in Korean that English because of the difficult of selecting appropriate postpositional particles in Korean.



2.      When you are writing a paper for a class, do you try to please yourself or the teacher?

I have tried to make my professors be content with my outputs in writing a paper especially in writing classes. When I usually write down, I am absorbed in pleasing myself than showing off my writings to other people. However, there are professors’ evaluations on papers that I hand in so I think I concentrate on making contentment of professors in the point of view of the professor. Moreover, the papers for classes are more official and have formats than normal writing, so I make a great effort to follow the outline that professor teach me. I use the word expression that the professors are like to use in papers. Also, for professors to make my writing thorough, I search more appropriate word expressions from dictionary before I start writing. Therefore, the writing papers that I wrote in classes were specially adapted for making professors be satisfied.


3.      Have you ever done any writing for yourself only-letters to friends or relatives, journals, diaries, poems? If so, explain how this writing was different from the writing you did for school assignments.

           There are significant differences between doing any writing for myself such as diaries and school writing. Most of all, When I do school assignments, my main concern is always apt to keep the forms of writing and not to make grammatical errors. In other words, there is no limitation of writing diaries so I just jot stories down as I want to. On the other hand, the writing for my school assignments has given rules. Accordingly, the rules are always in my thoughts while in the writing. Second, I tend to reveal myself in diaries. Since the writing for school assignments is shared with classmates as well as professor, I try to keep from including my privacy stories. But in diaries writing, I do not have to pool my episodes that I compose in diaries. Therefore, I disclose my privacy to the top of my bent in diaries.     


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  1. For your first question, I found some grammar mistakes like "writing in English is easier that writing in my first language," "opportunities to writing" and "difficult to expressed." It could have been much better without those mistakes. But I liked your logic and ideas that support your key point.

    For the second question, questions like "tried to make my professors be content,"the papers for classes are more official and have formats than normal writing" and "follow the outline that professor teach me" need to be corrected.