Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rho Ryun/Chapter 1/Tuesday 11 a.m.

1. Write about a pleasant experience you have had with writing. How did this experience affect your attitude toward writing?


When I was in elementary school, I had a pretty girlfriend. When I saw her, the whole world suddenly stopped and stood for a while, because she was so amazing. We fell in love each other when we were 9 years old and broke up when we became 14. In total, we had relationship for about five years. Sadly, because we were assigned different middle school, the distances between her and me force us to break. Anyway, by dating each other, we wrote letters every day. I have kept her letters until now. When reading letters, I surprise from time to time. That is because the letters were filled with beautiful words. For example, "I think you are like forsythia in spring", "I like you because you have limpid eyes", "I think I do not like you, I believe I love you". I cringe every time I read this. But at the same time, I could find not only my happiness through her letters, but also my eagerness to reply from her letters. I think that was the most pleasant experience which is connected with writing. And this kind of experience affected me to have a positive attitude toward writing and gave me chances to sophisticate my sentences. I really like to write something. As a proof, I am smiling even now by answering this question.


 2. How do you feel about writing in your first language compared to writing in English?


It is obvious that there are many differences between writing in English and Korean. To make myself clearer, there exists tense, grammar, word order and the other differences. It gives me confusion. However, I always try my best to make my writings better. When professors gave assignments need to be English-written, I normally made tons of drafts before make final draft. Since I try my best, I do not think my outcomes were that bad and I could have confidence about my writings. To make long short, it is different, but not difficult. I knew we learn from trial and error!


 3. When you are writing a paper for a class, do you try to please yourself or the teacher? Explain.


I write a paper try to please myself. To explain, my supreme goal is to write and speak like native. So, I inclined to take classes which are really hard to get a good grades, but give me many leanings. Because of my stubborn personality, I usually spend all my spear times to do assignments. Furthermore, I could not finish assignments quickly. I revise them over and over again until the deadline. All these handwork aimed one point: to have confidence. I believe if I could not have confidence about my assignments, then no one would like it. I want to be pleased by my writings by myself.

There are too many assignments given to me just for a week. I know it is hard to finish all these assignments. I feel exhaustion frequently. But at the same time, I find myself in a joy when I wrapped in assignments, sincerely.


  1. Hi. I enjoyed your writing a lot. That's a definitely pleasant experience with writing. I could feel your joy in your writing. It is surprising that your relationship lasted for as many as 5 years. I did not feel love until I became a high school student. It is a good thing that you wrote a lot in love that time. It was certainly a happy memory.

  2. I'm impressed by your pleasant experience with writing. What a romantic experience is that!
    I'm envious that you're enjoying writing experiences. Now I can't enjoy writing because I'm concentrating on not making mistakes and I still have a lot of fear toward it. However, your positive attitude toward making mistakes and enjoying writing make me to think about mine.

  3. I really liked the part where you mentioned your girlfriend. It's a really cute story. I think a lot of people would agree that, it is a pleasant experience with writing. It made me smile as I was reading your writing.
    Also, I think you and I have similar attitude towards writing in English.