Sunday, September 15, 2013

박현주 201001450 / Week 2 assignment/ Tuesday 11 a.m. Class

박현주 201001450 / Week 2 assignment/ Tuesday 11 a.m. Class


My Past Experiences with Writing


Basically, I don’t have any bad perception of writing. Even it is the other way around. I like writing because I believe it’s more efficient way of communication than speaking. It is easier way to say something difficult to someone with less danger of being misunderstood and I think the things I want to say will be more organized and clear when I communicate with writing.


I often write a diary only for myself, of course, in Korean. This habit of writing diary has been lasted since when I was in a high school. In high school days, I found myself more comfortable and relaxed after writing diary about my feelings and some phrases which sounded beautiful for me. Until now, the greatest part of contents of my diary is full of my complex feelings, depressions, and moments of happiness. In short, it is writing only for my feelings and private events which have nothing to do with improving my writing skills or something official. I think I enjoy writing the most in this way.


But, in terms of writing in English, I get different feeling from writing in Korean. It gets me more pressured than writing in my native language with which I have more possibility to express myself in various and exact way. First of all, I start to worry about my errors in grammar, choice of vocabularies and some expressions I am not certain whether they are used among English speakers. And it becomes secondary to consider the contents of the writing and how it will appeal to readers. Because, as a foreigner who is still studying English, most of the time, I have done English writings for being checked my ability of writing in English by someone who mostly put more importance on the grammar things than contents.


I don’t mean that when I am writing in English, I don’t care about contents or formulas of my writing , I am saying that ,just, sometimes, I tend to ignore those things without any intention. Although, I have studied English grammar for a long time, I think it is one of very difficult parts of learning language to use grammar in a correct way when writing. I made mistakes a lot and they were pointed out a lot from professors in my major. I think I could tell that it may have been bad experiences in writing. But, I want to improve my writing skill in general through these corrections as well. Though, I said my errors and corrections in writing as bad experiences, I am sure that it can make me learn more. And lastly, I hope to learn a lot about writing skills through the study in my major.




  1. the reason why i like your writing because i felt a real thing which is a writer's real feeling. you are memoried your stories by way of writing and you hold on writing never to give up,its quite great. i have learned to be a good writer need the spirit of perseverance from your writing.good job.

  2. the first commet from Hanna