Saturday, September 14, 2013

Ha Eun Park/Chapter 1/Tuesday 11 a.m.

Write about a pleasant experience you have has with writing. How did this experience affect your attitude toward writing?


When I think about Chicago, it is the place where my heart remembers. I think it is safe to say that my time in Chicago was one of my turning points in life. While I was there, so much happened and my mind was completely overwhelmed from time to time. Sometimes I was in so much pain and sorrow, and sometimes I was in unexplainable joy. In order for me to release all these emotions and thoughts, I decided to write a journal and keep record of every bit of my mind, the good and the bad. So, as I was writing my emotions and thoughts down on a piece of paper, I was able to organize them and look back and contemplate on issues that I needed to resolve. Throughout my stay in Chicago, writing acted like my personal friend, psychologist at that period in my life. Since then, I think my heart for writing grew more and it is one of my pleasant and memorable experiences that I have had with writing.


How do you feel about writing in your first language compared to writing in English?


I was born and raised in Korea, so my first language is Korean. I believe most of the students at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies are like me. So, without a doubt writing in Korean is much comfortable for me. When writing in English, sometimes it does get frustrating because of the language barrier. I believe the difference between a good writer and a mediocre writer is in the expressions. It all depends on how they convey the meaning, so that's why people consider writing as an art. However, sometimes when my mind freezes it helps if I read or write in my second language. It may be challenging but I have a heart for English and I would really like to get better at it.


When you are writing a paper for a class, do you try to please yourself or the teacher? Explain.


To be honest, most of the times I write a paper to please the teacher. Since the teacher is the person who will grade me on the work that I do, I try my best to write according to the teacher's instructions. We all know that it's important for us to get a good grade because it becomes the foundation for whatever we are going do after graduation. However, while trying to please your teacher, I believe it is also important to have self-satisfaction. That's when synergy occurs. When you get a grade and also when you are satisfied with the work that you've done, your self-esteem grows, and it can also give you the opportunity to start an healthy relationship with your professor. Therefore whenever I get an assignment, I try to achieve this ideal situation.


  1. Hi. I enjoyed your writing a lot. Especially, I like your expression 'record of every bit of my mind'. I do not know when and how long you were in Chicago, but I think you must've been lonely. I also love the expression 'it acted like my friend, psychologist'. That must have been a pleasant experience with writing.

  2. Park, Hyun-ju. 201001450

    Hello! Like the first comment up here,I very much enjoyed your writing on experiences and thoughts about writing. First of all, the first line of your writing grabbed my attention. You wrote very honest reflexion on your experiences in Chicago. I kept having compassion with your thoughts while reading. I liked your ideas about writing in Englsh and for class assignment as well. I believe all the students who take the writing course would have same mind.