Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kim Kap Whan in EIT / 201003958 / for October 1th, Tuesday 11 A.M. Class / final draft



    There are three things I really hate: a centipede, a cockroach, and a snake. Among them, I particularly hate a snake. The way a snake creeps and sticks its tongue out and peeves is really loathsome. At the mere thought of it, I automatically get sick. Nowadays many good characteristics about a snake have been revealed through scientific findings, but I still cannot have a good impression about it. That's because I hold a special hatred for a snake from birth, and I don't know why. 

    I was born and grew up in the peaceful countryside village surrounded by mountains on three sides. In front, there was a beautiful open sea. At the bottom of the mountains, there were green fields where lots of lawn and grass grows. Looking back on those irreplaceably good old days, I really want to go back to the world on a time machine at any moment, which was not only my little kingdom but also had so many good memories. Some children from the village would go to the mountain, to the field, to the hill, and so on, alone or in groups to play outside or for other purposes if the weather was good. But sometimes life was not as glorious as it might seem.

    One bright, beautiful Sunday morning in autumn when I was a middle school student, about at the age of 14 or 15. I climbed up a mountain all alone to pick and greedily eat some kind of fruit called 어름 in Korean, but I am not sure whether the word is a standard language or a dialect even now. Also I cannot find a proper English word for it. If I explain briefly, it is very much like a banana in shape, but the taste is not the same. I think 어름 is the sweetest in the world, whose tree yields fruit only in September and October. After then, you cannot find any of the fruit, so it is better to eat the fruit as much as possible. As you can expect by now, I gleefully picked and ate a lot of the fruit until my belly almost exploded. It tasted much more delicious because I ate secretly by myself. The whole world seemed to stand by my side until I felt an unagreeable feeling. But the unexpected and inevitable reversal was waiting for me.

    After the feast, I prepared to climb down the mountain. The mountainside consisted of grass, small rocks, and soil, and there were not paved pathways. To climb down, I had to take only one way which was narrow and made from soil. Pleasantly and triumphantly, I started to return home, running. The reason for running was that I already achieved my purpose by now and I felt a sense of fear from being alone. Another reason I ran was that the way was very steep, so I couldn't control the speed. I didn't feel a strange feeling until I took a few steps. Literally out of the blue sky, in front of me, I was encountered with a yellowish and brownish poisonous snake which was coiling itself just a couple of feet away, but because of the accelerated speed, I couldn't control my steps. At the very moment, because of a panic of death from being bitten by a snake, I couldn't tell where my heart was, whether in the mouth or in the throat. Anyway, in a very very short period of time, maybe within a millionth of second, I had to choose my course of action. I needed another sixth sense to overcome the obstacle. I felt I needed the intelligence of Albert Einstein and the ability of Superman. I decided to take advantage of the situation instead of being in dispair. Using the acceleration, I jumped over the snake higher than any other high jumper in the world. Suddenly, I could find myself flying in the sky over the snake. If you practiced high jump under this kind of situation, you would be a gold-medalist in Olympics. Then I ran home directly like a bullet shot out of a gun, but the horrible experience offset so miserably all of my pleasure of eating the fruit that I almost forgot the fact that I ate the fruit. I even lost appetite.

    Nowaday, sometimes I recall mixed feelings of those days. I no longer live there, but like it or not, the place is still my hometown. One day, if I find an opportunity to go there, I want to heroically face with the snake. I would not need to be so nervous or scared any more.







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